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Jako Lanterne is composed of Laurent Canniccioni and Emily Bélanger. They form a solid team and have been collaborating on many productions since 2003.


Laurent Canniccioni

A self-taught Sculptor and illustrator, he has been fascinated by puppets and practical special-effects since his early childhood. Using traditional 2-d drawings at first to bring his imagination to life, it is later trough sculpture that he will refine his skills. He later expanded his capabilities by learning several molding techniques to reproduce his creations with different materials ranging from plasters, silicones and foam-latex. His sense of design and his wild imagination are reinforced by his eye for detail and a constant concern for a job well done. He is particularly interested with experimenting with new materials and exploring new creative avenues like 3-D modeling and digital illustration; all with the final goal of bringing to this world his unique vision, be them real physical objects or existing in the digital world.


Emily Bélanger

With a background as a Graphic designer and scenograper for theatre production, Emily has been using oil paint as a medium to express herself since her childhood. After graduating from graphic design, she delved into theatre set design at the Conservatoire d'art dramatique de Québec. While later collaborating with young movie directors, she turned her skills to create with a camera, learning editing techniques and creating stop-motion short films with the Kino organism in 2003. Combining physical as well as digital creation, paint and pixels, she is always thirsty for pure creation and uses her strong managing abilities to tackle complex projects with ease.

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