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Positionable props

Design and production of 10 mummified extra-terrestrial hand props, all different and positionable


For the film directed by Doug Liman 

After sculpting and molding a generic pair of clay hands, 10 silicone copies were made with simple metal armatures embedded in the silicone. This allowed fingers and wrists to be bent at different angles. We then altered the color and texture of each arm individually to present different stages of dehydration and decomposition. 

We would have liked to go further in the variations on the degradation side of things ( torn finger and missing parts for example), but the production did not want to go too far in that direction. Too bad !




The main color references of these hands were the shrunken  heads by the Jivaros (people of Amazonia). Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction...




Film réalisé par Doug Liman 

Property master : Simone Leclerc

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