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Complete scenography

Design and production of sets, puppets, props

for the play presented in the bus of the Tortue Berlue Theatre. 

Text and direction by Fabien Fauteux

Henri Barbeau is Jako Lanterne’s first scenography in the Tortue Berlue Theatre bus. It addresses, among other things, performance anxiety. One day, Henri throws one of his multiple sketches into a machine that destroys rejected ideas. These then return in the form of an animated “squiggle” that will haunt him!

Designing a play presented in a bus is quite a challenge and we enjoyed this new experience.

I really enjoyed designing the central module with its retractable shelves and hidden hatches which were used in the staging. Seeing the wheels turn and fit together perfectly was magical for me!




Drawing takes an important place in my life, I felt particularly close to little Henri who is not always proud of his work and even goes so far as to reject it. 


I had a lot of fun designing him. It was my favorite part of the whole scenography! Oh yes, I liked building the “steampunk” machine that destroys the sketches too.




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