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Stop-motion animation puppets

Realization of 12 puppets from the stop-motion animation movie

Directed by Cordell Barker and produced by the NFB

Costumes : Suzana Vera

Directed by the famous Cordell Barker, “If I was God” recounts a childhood memory of the director; aged 12. How could YoungMe admit to the beautiful Lilli that he has a crush on her? What follows is a whole tale about a “perfect” day with Lili…

We had to translate as faithfully as possible the vision of Cordell's characters in the real world based on his drawings. And what a vision! 12 children, each with more character than the other. And a giant fly. One of our best stop-motion project memories.

I loved doing the “fly” version of the Aughie character who appears furtively in the film. So that they don't move from one frame to the other, the fly's hairs were small black metal wires planted all over it's body... sometimes you have to make the animators bleed when they animate a puppet. But just a little!




For this project, a forest of little hands was created! There were several replacement hands to be provided per character. Hours and hours spent erasing the mold lines in the silicone. Thank you to all who came to help us out!




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