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Complete scenography

Design and production of sets, puppets, props and costumes for the play presented in the Tortue Berlue Theatre bus. 


Text and direction by Fabien Fauteux

This touching play produced by the Tortue Berlue Theatre deals with anxiety about change. Maxime is an androgynous character played alternately by a male or female actor. He and his companion Balourd the elephant are represented in different scales during the show. In a bedroom/attic setting, Maxime hides so as not to face the world that awaits him outside...

Maxime's look was a challenge to create; inspired by scout and adventurer costumes from the 30s and 40s, the final bunraku style puppet is endearing and colorful. But the most interesting part to build was certainly the giant elephant head with the trunk and articulated ears!




It was interesting to design a setting that is a hybrid of an attic and a child's bedroom. We wanted the place to be reminiscent of a welcoming cocoon. We built the central module (a chest that also serves as Maxime's bed) in different scales, all painted in a faux wood texture. The actor climbs on it at the end of the piece and becomes the elephant with the giant head, with the sound and the lighting, it’s quite impressive!




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