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mascot costume

Design and production of la Gamine mascot

reproduced in 13 copies


CSN character representing Childcare Centres

Originally, the CSN ordered us to make a costume bearing the image of the character who represents the Childcare centres, “La Gamine”. We had to base the costume on her appearance in stop-motion animated vignettes where she was made of plasticine.


When 3 years later, the CSN decided to order 12 new copies, we had the opportunity to improve the costume. A miniproduction is quite a rare thing, because we are used to making unique objects, functional prototypes if you will.

At the end of each project we often say to ourselves if I had to do it again I would change this or that… 


After the first 5 heads, we completely changed the way we built them without changing their external appearance, which made them faster to make and above all lighter. All our heads were also provided with ventilation. Comfort above all!




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