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La Melodìa Torrencial

Puppets and miniatures

Design and production of puppets, miniatures and props

for the stop motion animated movie 

Produced and directed by José Luis Saturno

La Melodia Torrencial tells the story of a village caught in extreme drought. One day, the villagers bring in a mysterious stranger who can make rain by playing the accordion... But at what cost?

We had to build a puppet for stop-motion animation with replacement eyelids, eyebrows and mouths, an accordion with functional bellows (which opens and closes), as well as several miniature sets and accessories, an outdoor theater, a church and Mexican casas as well as a mountain! This was the first time we had to design mouths for dialogue in a stop-motion project.




This was my first professional miniature costume experience for stop-motion animation. The body was sculpted from foam and the pieces of the black costume are sewn directly onto the puppet. Quite a challenge!


The hands were very fine and I made several copies of them for the animators. I was told that none of the hands broke during filming! For a character who plays the accordion, it’s mission accomplished for me!




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