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Complete scenography

Design and production of sets, puppets, props and costumes for the Christmas play presented by the Tortue Berlue Theatre. 

Christmas show presented by theTortue Berlue Theatre in classrooms. Béa and Flo, two Santa elves, learn self-affirmation and empathy in this fun and colorful play.

I had a lot of fun creating Béa, a puppet that had to be manipulated by one hand. She could move her head as well as both arms with the movement of a single thumb. Also, we needed a life-size Christmas tree puppet that talks!




The shell was the biggest challenge of this project. Made from several modified tents, it opened to reveal the decor. It’s a magical moment for the children. It is a device that will be assembled and dismantled more than a hundred times which had to be light and resistant, but also imposing in a classroom.




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