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Puppet for the video capsules of the Tortue Berlue Theatre

Tortue Berlue is the central character of this company. For a series of video shorts, we had the mandate to design a new version renamed “Mamie Berlue”. This puppet had to meet the HD requirements of this video project.


Puppet Features:

- Visible and obvious puppeteer

- Possibility of getting out of her car and being independent

- Driving her vehicle, obviously!

- Articulated eyes and eyelids

After a design process (with both drawings and a 3D digital sculpture) “Mamie Berlue” went from a biped to an automobile version, with the aim of making her design more original. The puppeteer had to keep one hand free to manipulate the arms (which are magnetized to the steering wheel when not in use), the other hand had to operate the mouth, the gaze and the eyelids at the same time. Quite a challenge! 

A beautiful and ambitious character project as we like them at Jako!

The digital sculpture served as both a temporary model and a basis for the patterns (in foam and fabric) that we used for the construction of the final puppet.




The objective was to give a sculptural effect to the fabric. Eye bags, wrinkles, and neck creases all had to be sewn in place.




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