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Design and production of the puppets for the stop-motion animated film Directed by Patrick Péris

Produced by the National Film Board

Armatures created by Erik Goulet

Nadine is a film directed by Patrick Péris and produced by the NFB which mixes live action and stop-motion animation. Sam is a teenager who fights the fear of being judged and who would like to approach Nadine to confess his feelings. Will he have the courage?


Strangely, this is the second time (after “If I was God”) where we have worked on a stop-motion film for the NFB that deals with this subject matter, but this time, the fear of social media is thrown into the mix!


In the film, the characters transform into paper versions of themselves. To do this, we sculpted the characters in watercolor paper (for texture). Then we molded and cast the body parts in silicone. To accentuate the illusion of paper texture, colored fibers were embedded in the silicone. The different pieces had the appearance of paper while being flexible to animate them. In the end, the only part of the puppets that were made of actual paper were their hands.

The cell phone played the role of the villain in the film. Called MarCell behind the scenes, it gradually transforms into a giant spider robot that represents the threat of social media.


Making a spider robot puppet was a great challenge. Unable to resist, I took inspiration from the coloring of one of my favorite robots from cinema. The shades of blue and mauve on the shell were a nod to Robocop.




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