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Complete scenography

Design and production of sets, puppets, props and costumes for the Christmas play presented by the Tortue Berlue Theatre. 

Our first collaboration with the Tortue Berlue Theatre!


Stella, the daughter of the Star Fairy, loses the Christmas star, Santa's compass. She will have to find it otherwise… no Christmas!

It's always fun to travel into the world of Christmas... I like to draw elves with big noses, less cute than the more traditional ones. It’s even better when that’s what my client wants! Fortunately at Tortue Berlue they have a sense of humor, I didn't have to explain to them what they say about elves who have big noses... ;)  




The Star Fairy's large dress camouflages two miniature sets in an aluminum structure. One opens up and shows the journey of Santa's sleigh through the sky on Christmas night, the other becomes the elf's gift-wrapping workshop. The center of the dress has a door that opens outwards allowing the actress to abandon her skirt and move around the space.




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