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Miniatures and dollhouse

Design and production of the dollhouse representing a real chalet.

Artistic direction by Sylvain Lemaitre

The Lodge is an American horror film. A kind of psychological cabin fever situation which takes place in a large wooden second home, isolated in the harshness of winter. Family values and religious beliefs will be tested.


The opening credits appear to show shots from inside the cabin. We are actually located in a dollhouse identical to the real filming location. The viewer had to be deceived quickly and convincingly. This children's toy will play an important role in the course of events.


We only had five weeks for this project. The walls were completely covered with wooden slats inside and out. This surface treatment took up a large portion of the construction time, leaving a reduced period for everything else. Mainly the  finishing of rooms, furniture and all the little details that are vital to create the illusion of reality. The hollows between each slat on the walls are, however, extremely important for realism at this scale, when filmed in high resolution.

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