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Design, development and production of a stop-motion animation puppet for Alain Fournier

Victor is a prototype puppet for a stop-motion animation project. His face was to be scanned in 3D, then digitally animated by a performance capture from an actor's face. His body, on the other hand, was to be animated by stop-motion animation. His look was based on a mix between a scientist and a lumberjack, as he works at a research station in Antarctica. His body is made of foam latex and silicone sandwiched together.

Few projects make us feel sorrowful in our portfolio, but this is one of them. I am very proud of Victor's result. It took a lot of research and development and I consider him to be the most beautiful stop-motion puppet we have created. His project unfortunately never came to fruition, and so the only place where he can be seen is on this page…

This is unfortunately part of the job.




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