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Since its creation the team of JAKO LANTERNE has worked on more than 50 productions including:


Freaks of nurture

Directed by Alexandra Lemay

Produced by the NFB

Miniature sets and props for stop-motion animation

Rank the prank

Tv show produced by the BBC

puppets and costumes

La Gamine

Mascot made for the CSN


Set piece created in collaboration with Lucion Média

For the band Dream Theatre's 2017 world tour


Directed by Patrick Péris

Produced by the NFB

Stop-motion animation puppets

It's only the end of the world

Directed by Xavier Dolan

Tattoo transfers



Directed by Xavier Dolan

Tattoo transfers


Unité 9

Television series

Tattoo transfers


Freddy et Alice

Directed by Benjamin Steiger Levine

Sfx makeup and tattoo transfers


If I was God

Directed by Cordell Barker

Produced by the NFB

Stop-Motion puppets



Directed by Michel Poulette

Tattoo transfers



Directed by Stobe Harju

Snowman head puppet and prop patina


So High

Vidéoclip for the band Creature

Sfx makeup and costumes



Vidéoclip by the band Preistess

Masks and bodypainting


Les Mauvaises Langues

For the Just For Laughs Festival

Giant Toungues Costumes


The Baghead Family

Directed by Patrick Péris

Stop-Motion puppets and miniature sets


Le Fantôme de Canterville

Théâtre des 4 coins

Puppets and props


Chabotte et Fille

Television series

Tattoo transfers


Contributions as specialised patina technicians on:


Mirror Mirror


Les Pee-Wee 3D : L'hiver qui a changé ma vie

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